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Medical Sector

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YATIRIMCIYIZ Working Medical Sector,

Operating in the disposable Medical Textile Production sector,
Akmeda Medikal serves successfully in this field.
1500 m closed and 500 m open in Ankara Ostim Organized Industrial Zone
Our company, which carries out its activities in its factory built on a total of 2000 m;
With the Medicotex product brand, 250,000 Disposable Drape Sets per year and
It has a production capacity of 1,500,000 Disposable Aprons.

Production Line of Our Factory
240 cm Width Full Automatic Spreading Machine
240 cm Width Full Automatic Cutting Machine
Ultrasonic Sewing Machines
Overlock Machines
Conventional Sewing Machines
15.000 Lt Capacity ETO Sterilization Devices
Clean Room Conforming to Class 100.000 Standard

With a simple name preference, our company wanted to emphasize with a simple expression that it will be a long-term actor in the field of Disposable Surgical Products that it produces and how it dominates the essence of the business.

our vision

Providing the same quality service to all its customers without compromising the Health and Hygiene policy,

Accepting the human resource as the most valuable asset,

Continuously improving its own methods in the field of expertise in order to increase its efficiency,

Creating its own brand,

As a reliable and reputable organization, increasing its service quality,

To make its brand a world brand by offering hygienic products to its users.